Lightening the Load Counseling, PLLC

Counseling for those with anxiety, stress, trauma, and/or hoarding via telehealth in the State of Washington

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

    Individual Counseling

    Counseling is a collaborative process between the therapist (social worker) and the individual experiencing unwanted symptoms related to stress, anxiety, trauma, OCPD (perfectionistic personality disorder) and/or hoarding behaviors. Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to determine if I’m a good fit for your needs by emailing me here.

    Family Therapy

    Family counseling is a multiperson strategy for understanding and supporting our loved one as they make changes and work through mental health challenges. Family counseling is helpful when the identified patient’s (IP) symptoms cause significant distress throughout the family system. With the feedback from others living with the IP, we can reduce accomodation and support system health and not just individual health.

    I’m happy to offer family therapy to couples (not premarital or marital therapy) and to families where all members are adults.

    NOTE: Insurance often covers family therapy when the IP is present in the session, but not when they are not. I’m happy to facilitate private payment in cases when family therapy without the IP present is warranted.

    Trauma-informed Coaching

    Coaching is distinct from counseling. Coaching is shorter-term, focused on reaching specific goals over two to three months. It is not covered by insurance, nor is it limited by state licensing boards (at this time). Trauma-informed coaching helps reduce barriers to meeting identified goals for post-traumatic growth, yet isn’t treatment-based.

    To schedule a free 15-minute discovery call, click here.

    Professional Consultation

    With over a decade of working in the community with individuals, families, and agencies to address hoarding behaviors, I am passionate about supporting new therapists and those who are expanding their practice to include hoarding disorder treatment. To schedule a professional consultation, click here.

    Cecilia “Ceci” Garrett, MSW, LSWAIC

    I’m a clinical social worker (associate) in the state of Washington. I earned my BS in Psychology in 2013 from Liberty University and my MSW in Clinical Social Work from Campbellsville University in 2021. I am passionate about helping individuals with high levels of stress, overwhelm, and worry as well as those who’ve been negatively impacted by a loved one’s mental illness, childhood trauma, and those with high clutter or hoarding behaviors.

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